Mar 31st Maintenance

Please note that server maintenance has been scheduled for the evening of May 2, 2018 at around 10pm. This maintenance should run for a few hours and the return to normal will be done gradually during the night.Sites hosted on nops servers will be temporarily inaccessible during this period. Hostingwolf apologizes for the inconvenience and will ... Read More »

Jan 21st To be dizzy!

L’internet ne cesse de grossir, au moment d’écrire cet article, la toile comportait plus 1.3 milliard de sites web. Plus de 127 milliards d’e-mail étaient envoyés. Le total d’utilisateur était de plus de 3 milliard. Attendez de voir la suite, chaque seconde qui passe, 10 nouveaux sites web voient le jour. Ce qui donne le tournis, ... Read More »

Aug 19th Opening of HostingWolf

Opening of HostingWolfAfter an offline portal HostingWolf for a total makeover, the portal is again accessible.First, the portal was put into maintenance in order to offer more services under one roof, we took the opportunity to relooker the site and adapt it to mobile devices. None of the sites hosted on hostingWolf have been taken offline. Our ... Read More »

Apr 26th What is the web of objects?

Some have surely heard about the famous web of objects or web 4.0. Before getting into the heart of the matter and explain the catastrophic dangers of this web era that experts say might be in place by 2020. Hosting Wolf must first define you what the web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 we are currently nearing the end.Web 1.0 or the traditional webThe period ... Read More »

Nov 16th Acadie Web Radio

It is with honor and pleasure that HostingWolf undertook a visual link exchange with Acadie Web Radio. Acadie Web Radio Is a web radio on the Internet that broadcasts the music of local artists in Acadia. Acadians soon adopted this Web radio which has been broadcasting for 4 years and honors the local folklore of the Acadian Peninsula. Acadie ... Read More »