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Opening of HostingWolf

After an offline portal HostingWolf for a total makeover, the portal is again accessible.

First, the portal was put into maintenance in order to offer more services under one roof, we took the opportunity to relooker the site and adapt it to mobile devices. None of the sites hosted on hostingWolf have been taken offline. Our servers have remained 100% operational.

Ultimately, we are now targeting a wider range of visitors for all types of services, regardless of portfolio. Now that we are back, we will soon be setting up an open forum.

Thanks to this forum, everyone will be able to use the tutorials and tips to put their websites on their own online at low cost on our servers. Indeed, we will provide tools and open the doors to resources such as: Templates, CMS, and tutorials.

In short, HostingWiolf opens the doors of the web to all. In the near future, we will put online a web site builder with affordable access and accessible to all.

Welcome to everyone!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

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